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My Lens Journey
As I visit place to place along with my camera, I try to capture interesting moment of my surrounding. Sometimes I get lucky to have nice moment in my photo that I would put it on display.

I wish I have more opportunity to go to different place to see how people live there as it will always be interesting to capture as a photograph.

I am not a professional photographer, I take photo as a hobby as for now.
Most of the photos are not special, if one photo is better mean I got lucky shot.
But nevertheless, I'd like to share with you guys.
Hope you enjoy it as well as I enjoy it.
Full Gallery View
In this page I only show few photos from the gallery to show in front page aka Home.
To view all photo from particular gallery, you can click "Open the Album" at the end of every section shown in this page.
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Railroads Walk (Revisit) (Human Interest)
I had electricity black out for hours and it was no sign of turning on in near time. It was rain a little but I guessed it would be okay for hunting photo.

I grabbed my camera and mount a 17-40mm zoom lens planning on a stroll somewhere. I haven't decided where would I go but I guessed getting near to take a photo would be interesting. With 17-40mm I could get as near with people while still get lots of background of my subject.

But then, I felt to do a little bit different, I wanted compression. Then I mounted my 100mm lens instead of 17-40mm.

I decided to visit Railroad spot, the rain had stopped when I arrived. Actually I would like to have a little rain so I could get more mood in my photo.
But then, here we go.
Random Stuff (Still Life)
Random Stuff related to Still Life Photography.
Jakarta Flood Moment 2013 (Human Interest)
This year flood was disastrous, happened in 15-21 January 2013. Massive business was down in Jakarta. Lots of people was forced to abandon their home due to flood and starvation.

I was surrounded by increasing flood in my residential area. Electricity was off, followed by depletion of fresh water supply, made lots of people frustrated, not forget to mention depleting food supply.

Anyway, I grabbed my camera and jumped into the water. While looking at how people and humanity coped with this situation, I tried to capture some moments.
Central Park New Year 2013 (Fireworks)
This time I tried another spot, in order to have different angle and feel of the view. But then, not all thing was going according to plan. They changed the fireworks launching position oh no.
Tidung Island (Human Interest)
A little while when having trip to Tidung Island.
The island inhabitant is friendly towards visitor.
For about an hour I walked around the island, I took photos of people while having interaction with them.
Random Entry (Human Interest)
Sometimes I just happen to walk around along with my camera and took random photo.
I put the photo here.
Fire Accident Ruin and Remnant (Human Interest)
Yesterday I was near the location when fire accident happened. Today, after I finished my street photo hunt, I stopped by on my way return.
After I viewed the scenery from top of flyover, I decided to enter the location. The ruin was so messy, on most of the place there was no road visible, just pile of stones and building remnants.
Must be very careful, there were lots of glass pieces and nails.
Residentside Walk (Human Interest)
I was doing some macro photo hunt, but I was not so fortunate to find all those insects nowhere to be found.

But then I found children playing around, and they attracted to someone who brought camera.
So, with my macro lens I captured their moments.
In-Your-Face Street Photography in Pancoran & Kota Tua (Human Interest)
Yesterday I saw Eric Kim's video in which he shot In-The-Face in Hollywood. Well, I gave it a try!
Actually, the idea is to take photo as close as possible to the people with flash in his face. Thrilling isn't it?

I guessed the problem might be exposure setting, then in one of Kim's page he tells information on exposure setting, I started with that.

Then, I was faced with another problem... composition. It was really frustrating to compose a photo while your left hand was holding a speedlite, moreover you were crouching (or on some low-angle-taking posture), then it must be done instantly in split second!

Some of the photos in this album are not too good to display, but I guess I decided to put it though, except few which is really rubbish.
Street Photography on Pancoran (Human Interest)
Suddenly I got bored, then I took my camera, to Pancoran I went. I arrived around 1PM, sun was so high and hot I sweated a lot.
It's Saturday lots of activity, means nice for street photography.
It's quite tiring to move around in crowd. I planned to go through several areas even to Kota Tua area, but then I decided to save that for next session. Even Pancoran itself haven't been covered thoroughly.
Central Park Dog Carnival (Model & Beauty)
Having time in the park sight seeing at dogs.
Luckily I brought my camera, so I could capture some beauties.
Jakarta Flood Moment 2012 (Human Interest)
Rain showered Jakarta from the evening day before, resulted in flood.
This photos were captured on 4th April, 2012.

Going around bringing camera to capture some moments. Lots of children from the surrounding poor area gathered to enjoy the flood.
Around Traditional Market (Human Interest)
A nice morning invited me to wander around market nearby. People did transaction, they bought chores, had breakfast, etc.
Trying not to be too much attraction, I started to take some photos.
Around the Spot (Human Interest)
Trying to capture and collect pieces moment around. Preserving the moment in topic of Human Interest, in which depiction of a person or persons presenting their problems, concerns, or achievements in a way present interest or sympathy of the viewer.
Misc (Landscape)
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Neighborhoods Macro (Macro & Small World)
We can encounter lots of interesting things if we can see in different perspective.
Here I tried to present some of the beads in small world, intensively in insect world.
Our eyes tend to miss the small details while all those offer much beautiful sight.
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